Fit & Glam Weekend Metcon

This is a workout I did on Saturday. It’s certainly “advanced”, the overhead squat is a terrifically difficult movement to master, and the kettlebell work isn’t appropriate for a beginner. I used an olympic barbell only – feel free to add weight to the bar if that is too easy for you, you can also regress it to a women’s bar or a lighter preloaded bar, or even a single dumb bell (a single dumb bell overhead squat is how I learned the movement) if necessary. You can even use just the training/warm-up stick if you have one. They aren’t easy.

Don’t use your max OHS weight – it should probably at about 50% of your actual or estimated 1RM. Err on the side of the bar being lighter than necessary. Remember that it’s a difficult and taxing movement to execute regardless of the weight on the bar, and you still have relatively heavy kettlebell snatches and swings to get through.

You can also sub out the overhead squats for 15 – 20 goblet squats.

Use a weight where you can use proper form at all times. Take as little rest or no rest until the end. if you need to stop, STOP, catch your breath and then keep pushing on til you get to the end.

Since I’m trying to look my best for my European trip, I did some long intervals on the treadmill and some steady-state cardio on the stair mill to round out my workout. And some kettlebell tabatas.

This is a good workout for someone wanting to improve their overall power and endurance and is definitely a great fat loss workout. So you could do it with some additional cardio as I did, or even as a “finisher” in place of traditional cardio after your other lifts.


Comment and let me know how you go when you try it!