Strong Bodies No Excuses Workout #2

The no excuses workouts are designed to be done anywhere, at anytime with no equipment! So you have no excuse not to get going and get on with it.

This workout is designed for the intermediate to advanced trainee. So you can follow it to a “t” if you’re reasonably well conditioned and you’ve been training for more than a year. You need a strong core to get this through one as rx’ed and good strength-endurance in the lower body.

Strong Bodies No Excuses Workout #2:

Complete 20 reps of the following exercises on the first round, and on subsequent rounds do 15, 10 and then 5 reps for the fourth and final round. Take about 1 minute rest in between rounds.

1. Burpees
2. Renegade Hip Bridge
3. Push Ups
4. Alternating Forward Lunges
5. Pop Squats

You should also time yourself and try to beat your time to increase the intensity after you’ve done this workout a few weeks in a row. Enjoy!


Strong Bodies No Excuses Workout No. 1

I’ve decided to start a series of “No Excuses” workouts that you can do anywhere, at any time with little to no equipment. Youtube video to follow soon!

What you’re gonna do is go outside, go to the park, or even use your hall way or living room and run through each exercise with no rest until you get to the end.

Remember, NO EXCUSES! Just go, go go!

Strong Bodies No Excuses Workout No. 1:

Difficulty: Beginner – Intermediate

  1. 15 Inchworms with 10 second hold in plank position.
  2. 15 Air Squats
  3. 15 Get Ups
  4. 15 High Knees
  5. 15 Butt Kicks

Complete all reps of each exercise as fast as you can with good clean form. Don’t ever sacrifice speed over form. If you get too fatigued at any point, take a moment, but finish the reps. I’m expecting the Get Ups to be a tough spot for those of you who need to develop your upper body and core strength. Don’t stop. Don’t make excuses. Maybe you can do 3 or 5 in one go, take a minute and do another 3 or 5 or whatever you can until you can do the full 15.

Run through the drill at least 2 times. Ideally, you would be doing it 3 – 5 times in one workout.

This workout is designed to get your heart rate up (fat loss!), help you develop your flexibility, improved movement and also to develop your upper body/core strength and endurance.

Let me know how you go!