Training Update & the Warrior Dash!

I’ll be honest with my little handful of blog readers – I’ve been struggling with some writer’s block!

I’ve decided to do a weekly training recap that I’m going to put together with some links to articles that I think are a worthy read.

Last weekend, I entered my first mud run and did the Warrior Dash. It was super fun! I didn’t do any specific training for it. I lift heavy week in, week out, do 1 – 2 steady state cardio sessions each week and 2 – 3 metabolic conditioning workouts more or less as a routine. It’s a part of my lifestyle.

I have been very curious about the Tough Spartan Warrior thingamidoodies for awhile now, so I entered on a whim only about 2 – 3 weeks prior to the event, and just got a little more consistent with my jogging, etc. Which didn’t really help that much, because I had a pretty crappy running day. I’ll be honest, I struggled with the running, I didn’t have one of those days where you glide on by and feel like you can run forever AT ALL. But the good news is, I got through it. I found the obstacles easy, but I’m mildly afraid of heights and terrified of slipping and breaking my head, and quite often you’re 6, 8, 10 feet in the air with nothing and no one to save you should you misstep, so that slowed me down a lot.


I also lost my shoe! LOL! It’s OK, they were old and ready for the bin any how. I just couldn’t dig my left shoe out of the final mud pit to save my life and thought “eff it” and left it there. My recommendation would be to buy some really cheap shoes from Payless or Kmart with decent grip so that a) you aren’t so terrified of slipping like I was, since my 3-year-old Nike Cortez had no grip on them b) so you can happily just chuck them out at the end of your mud run because my shoes were TRASHED beyond a simple hosedown… I’d loathe to put them anywhere in my car. Gross. Just chuck ‘em.

Last week’s squats were truncated by the Warrrior Dash. I usually squat on either Friday afternoon or Saturday morning, but I took Thursday and Friday as rest days and squatted to 6 – 10 reps on Wednesday instead.

I feel really good about the way I look now, even though it’s not my best since I’ve been carrying a lot of water through my hips/abdomen due to, you know, “TOM”. Was that TMI? Too bad! So sad! Hehe.

I’ve actually avoided taking measurements and pictures because I think it sets off unhealthy OCD qualities in me and furthermore, I’m not competing. I’m just trying to look my best for my trip in 4 weeks. People are asking me if I’m losing weight on an almost daily basis, so I know I’m doing the right things and heading in the right direction.

I like me and I love my body! I don’t need to scrutinize pictures of my bottom in stark light side-by-side to see if I’m getting “results”… that to me comes from a paranoid, nitpicky, neurotic place, where I feel unworthy and anxious about myself and my appearance. It’s not a behaviour I wish to perpetuate and has nothing to do with real health and fitness. My ass is just fine, thank you! 🙂

A post I am working on is one about how there is no point in being too hard on yourself and “body-shaming” yourself into shape because, first of all, most of the time it doesn’t work. That’s just NOT how we humans change our behaviour in the long term. We change via POSITIVE reinforcement, not being beaten over the head with negative messages about ourselves and our bodies. And second of all, is even if you do achieve your fitness goals by being severe and hard on yourself, engaing in harsh self-talk, doing “whatever it takes”, drastic and sudden “cold turkey” shifts in behaviour and body shaming ourselves or others… well, usually there is a severe physical rebound to such harsh strategies, but moreover, no matter how long your “results” last… you will never enjoy them as long as you hate yourself. You will never enjoy being fit and looking amazing, if your motivation comes from a place of self-loathing and self-flagellation. It has to come from self-love, healthy mind and self-esteem and a good appreciation for how strong, amazing and resilient our bodies truly are!

What is it that you love the most about YOUR body? What’s the coolest thing you did in the gym this week? Tell me in the comments!