I should probably call this a “monthly” round up…

This round of great fitness reads I’m going to pop off with some opposing views about RUNNING. In fitness circles, cardio has had a bad rap. In fact, I even wrote up an article about how cardio isn’t the greatest single tool for changing your body.

Disclaimer: I do “run” 1 – 3 times per week. I love sprinting, but for any steady-state work, I am super sloowwww. Hence the quotes around the word run in the previous sentence, haha. I do the steady state work because it isn’t ever easy for me and I enjoy the challenge. I don’t believe in only doing things that validate you and that you’re good at. My stance on the whole running debate is in the middle. Use it as a tool in a reasonable manner for weight loss and physique transformation goals, and otherwise only do it if you LOVE it. If you’re an endurance athlete, eat to support your activity. Run a marathon to run a marathon – it’s a huge accomplishment. A physical and mental test of grit and stamina. Do not run a marathon because you think the training will help you lose weight and you plan to diet (i.e. eat in a caloric deficit) throughout your training. Ineffective and BIG mistake!

Wow, off my soapbox! Hehe.

John Kiefer blew up the fitness blogosphere recently with Why Women Should Not Run. It should be noted, the intended audience of this article is the female physique competitor and to a lesser extent, the average woman using running as a tool to lose weight and transform her body. In that context, the article has a lot of valid points.

In an examination and retort of this and a few other anti-running articles like it, Gokaleo has deconstructed the science behind it and defended running. I think it offers a sound perspective on the whole anti-cardio hysteria, which I believe is wrong. I believe in being physically well-rounded and at least capable, in all modalities.

(Another disclaimer: I am totally fangirl ga-ga about Amber and her GoKaleo blog! So many great reads there!)

Moving along!

On a lighter note, over at Mohrresults.com, they have a rundown of the best vegetarian protein sources. Good info!

And something that spoke to me deeply, female olympic weightlifters Sarah & Jessica lament the portrayal of women in fitness. I have to say, I share the same disdain and lament. 

In a similar vein Carrie, over at This Fit Chick talks about how you should stop following her and other fitness girls. I have totally been THAT girl she is talking about in the article. She has been THAT girl. You probably have been or ARE that girl. Let’s stop the madness with all this so called “fitspo” and BS. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, choose your role models very carefully. 

And for a laugh, over at Deadspin, one of their reporters attended the Toronto Pro Supershow and wrote up a piece called Health Is Bad For You… Great read and a good laugh. I have to admit, his write up more or less mirrors my experience of the 2009 Olympia in Las Vegas. Except I thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing. Haha!

Train hard, live fit & be glamorous all!