The Non-Diet: How to diet without feeling like you’re on a diet?

The key to long term weight loss and maintaining a body you’re really happy with is finding a diet strategy that is sustainable long term and that doesn’t make you feel deprived. I think I’ve found that.

I’ve abandoned all the bodybuilder nonsense… ridiculously high protein, 6 meals a day. Nope. Doesn’t work for me, and besides which, I’m not a bodybuilder.

It’s plant-based, but I’m also not a vegetarian. I eat lots of fruits and vegetables, lots of eggs, cheese, fish and occasionally, meat.

It’s mostly low carb, but there are elements of carb-cycling, calorie-cycling, most days are low carb, some days I spike my carbs (i.e. eat more of them) and spike my calories. Truth be told, I forget to have a “cheat day”, because I literally never feel deprived and I really enjoy my food. I don’t worry too much about fats, I just try to make sure they come from healthy sources and I watch my overall calorie count for the day.

If I’m going to a restaurant or to grab ice cream with my girlfriends, I just eat a lot less during the rest of that day, to accommodate the restaurant meal or the ice cream. It’s really that simple.

What I’m doing is trying to mould this all together into a diet concept that people can follow, because its really working for me and I just feel like I’m cruising and its great. I’ve lost 3.5 inches (8.89cms!) since January 1st from my navel and 2.25 inches (5.72cms) from my hips!

I work out not less than 4 days a week, and only do 6 days a week if I really feel like it, if I’m just loving training and moving, then I go out and train that day.

My exercise regime includes traditional weight lifting, big lifts, full body movements along with jogging, HIIT and interval training. And the occasional yoga class.

I’ll be talking more about this in further posts and sharing my strategies with you. The beauty of this diet to me is that I can eat whatever I want, whenever I want. Nothing is off limits.

What’s the best diet you’ve ever been on?


Fit & Glamorous Mission Statement

Hi! First post. I’m planning to use this space as a fitness and travel log. I’m not going to overthink it and just write 3+ times per week.

For those that don’t know me, I’m Ana. I’ve been working in the corporate world for the last few years, but I was a personal trainer for a long time (5 years) and I even competed once upon a time. I still love fitness and nutrition, and I plan to talk about my every day fitness and share my approach with you via semi-daily fitness logs and articles.

I also have a great passion for travelling and have probably my most epic year of travel booked and I plan to share that with you too! I’ll be living abroad in Italy and also have plans to visit Russia, Africa; I’ll be sailing the Greek Islands in August with a girlfriend and who knows what last minute trips will pop up in that time. I’ve been to 23 countries so far, which amongst hardcore travellers is NOTHING, however I don’t really like “ticking the box” style travel, where visiting a place is just about spending a day there and then saying you’ve been there (although I do relish a new prominent stamp in my passport, haha). Ticking boxes isn’t what it’s really about to me, and I also really like going back to places I love. For me, travel is about absorbing the culture of a place, learning about the people there and their history and reconciling all of that into a better knowledge and understanding of the world. An inherently beautiful and epic undertaking.

You can read about a place and look at pictures all day, but until you go there and breathe the air, talk to the locals and immerse yourself in the experience of the place, you can’t possibly understand it. And even that, I would say, is fairly superficial. The deepest understanding comes from living in a place and doing every day things just as a local does. Then you’ll truly begin to understand their passions, frustrations and why things are the way they are there.

I’m going to play it by ear, but I intend to post OFTEN and casual, conversational style posts in order to develop the habit of posting here. Topics also might veer off into spirituality, art, music, fashion, beauty products… I hope you enjoy it!