Moving Forward, One Foot in Front of the Other

It’s been practically a solid month since I posted anything here. I have so many great post ideas, but I guess I’ve been having a mini crisis on how to proceed in 2014. 

My plan was to return to personal training in the new year and this blog was going to be an adjunct to that. But I’ve realised, once and for all, I don’t want to work in a gym again. I just really, really don’t. 

Being a personal trainer can be great, and for a long time I loved it! I truly loved my job, even with all the ups and downs. But then, I didn’t. The things I didn’t love about it was the constant focus and pressure on sales and gym management BS in general, the ridiculous hours and wearing black lycra and sports shoes all day every day. Those were the main things. And to be passionate about fitness, to be involved in fitness, you don’t have to work in a gym. My blog, this one you’re reading right here, can be my fitness outlet. I am much more interested in reaching a wider audience, writing, getting the right information out there, promoting healthy body image, self-love and positive ideas and producing media than I am in teaching more planks, push ups and body weight squats. Hey, I’m not knocking it as a useful and positive thing. People need trainers to teach them that stuff and its important and useful. I just don’t find it challenging and engaging anymore, and don’t wish to return to something I’ve already done for a long time and that doesn’t excite and challenge me. I want something new. 

So what have I been doing since my last post? Honestly, worrying about how to proceed, which gym do I want to work at? Trying to talk myself into feeling great about personal training again. Because people constantly tell me how its such a waste that I don’t do that work anymore, because I’m so good at it, because I’m so passionate about fitness, because I’m… well, you get the picture. It’s all very flattering and gratifying to hear. I do appreciate it tremendously because fitness is such a huge part of my life and being a personal trainer was how I defined myself for a long time. It was so important to me to be a really good one, not a bullshit one, too. But I can help people and share my passion in other ways, you don’t have to work in a gym to do that!

I’m hoping to have one other article posted up by today, in fact I have about 5 that are 70% complete and more or less ready to go. I’m really excited about 2014. What are some of the things you would like to see me write about? Let me know in the comments. Merry Christmas!