August Updates!

It is the middle of August and I’m squarely in the middle of my time away. I don’t know when, if ever, I will be lucky enough to take so much time away again. It’s such a blessing and I’m so glad I decided to take 10 weeks away, as opposed to the 4 or 5 I initially planned for this year. If you’re ever in doubt about how much time to take away, always err on the side of more, more, MORE! You’ll never regret it.

So far I have seen Paris, sailed the islands of Croatia and caught buses across Bosnia, through Mostar & Sarajevo, straight to my very much loved Belgrade. I also went to the 53rd annual Trumpet Festival in Guča last week and had the absolute time of my life (again!). I attended last year for the first time, not really knowing what to expect, and it was just a delirious frenzy of singing, dancing, laughing and brass band madness. Truly a salve for the soul.

Fitness??? My trip has been pretty active. Lots of swimming, dancing, walking for hours per day at times, kayaking in Dubrovnik. I did sign up for a gym in Belgrade when I arrived, and I’m happy to report my lifts haven’t suffered much at all at this point. I just can’t really load the bar heavy enough for triples or less because I don’t have chalk. I can’t hold the bar for reps without chalk after 80kg, and it’s so humid and sweaty here right now that the bar slides down my back during squats.

It is what it is and it’s better than nothing, eh? At least I won’t have to start from scratch when I’m back in Sydney!

I have big plans for this site and for my formal return to personal training and three ebooks in the works… two of which are major projects and one mini ebook, heheh.

I’m actually really excited about returning to Sydney and getting started on it all! 1 month to go!

Here is a collage from my trip 🙂


Clockwise from top left: part of our Guča 2013 family; sailing into Hvar, Croatia; mum & I at the Louvre in Paris; enjoying the sun and sea in Split, Croatia.