There’s Nothing To It But To Do It!

I haven’t been great at keeping this updated, have I?

i know it’s because I am overthinking this blog. I want every piece written to be perfectly polished, professional and absolutely amazing that I am hamstringing and completely stalling my efforts here, and then I feel bad that i haven’t updated, that my article isn’t that original or that great or that I don’t have professional pictures to add, or video. Or whatever.

I have to get over myself and realise that I am not re-inventing the wheel here! 🙂

But it’s a good lesson, because we can often get ourselves “hamstrung” and stalled in fitness and in other areas of life. We overthink our diets. We overthink our training protocols. we think we need specialized equipment, trainers, expertise…. We don’t! We just gotta DO IT. 

There’s nothing to it but to DO IT. 

For example, I have had the best experience dieting and training when I took a fairly relaxed approach and decided i would just make every meal reasonably low-carb, protein based and healthy. I wasn’t going to stick to strict calories and macros, because for me that always leads to anxiety, pressure and then a binge cycle. This approach enabled me to be very consistent, but it was OK not to be perfect. I had great results and I found it very easy to stick to my non-plan plan!

ImageDuring my very consistent, but not “perfect” phase… (fyi, there is no such thing as perfect!)

So this is what I intend to do with this blog. I’m not going to have perfectly thought out, polished posts all the time, but I am going to update consistently and just be a little more conversational, less uptight about the whole thing and hopefully in the process, create both the outlet and the resource for others that I was hoping for all a long.